Bugatti Delivers First Chiron Super Sports Cars to Customers

Bugatti Chiron

Last week, the doors of Bugatti’s “Atelier” at the brand’s headquarters in Molsheim opened for the delivery of the first customer vehicles in the Chiron1 series. Three of the world’s most powerful, fastest, most luxurious and most exclusive production super sports cars are now starting their journey to their owners in Europe and the Middle East. They were sent off on their journey by the 50 or so production, quality assurance and logistics team members. Bugatti intends to produce up to 70 Chiron at its plant this year. The French luxury brand will be presenting a further customer vehicle at this year’s Geneva International Motor Show (March 9-19, 2017).

Half of the total series of 500 vehicles have already found a buyer – even without test drives. At the end of March, the French super sports car brand is inviting its customers to a central test drive event. With 37 percent of all sales, Europe is the strongest region, as was the case with the Veyron, followed by North America with 30 percent of orders to date. The Middle East, with 26 percent, is another key traditional market for Bugatti. Within the next few days, the first vehicles are to be delivered to customers. At this year’s Geneva International Motor Show (9 to 19 March 2017), Bugatti is showing a Chiron produced for a customer in the new exposed carbon fibre color “Bleu Royal”. The luxury brand from Molsheim is a market leader in terms of the variety of colors and the quality of visible carbon.

The entire exterior features the new exposed carbon fibre color “Bleu Royal“. Customers can now choose between a total of eight carbon colors for their Chiron: Black, Grey, Turquoise, Blue, Green, Brown, Red and now also Bleu Royal. For the interior of the Chiron on show in Geneva, the customer opted for a duotone variant. Leather in two different tones of blue, “Deep Blue” and “French Racing Blue”, was used.

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