Dubai to Launch EHang 184 Driverless Air Taxis this Summer

ehang 184 flying taxi

Dubai’s Road & Transportation Agency plans to launch trips with the first fully-electric autonomous aerial vehicle drone starting this July. The Prime Minister of the UAE wants 25% of all passenger trips to be made in driverless vehicles by 2030, according to Fortune.

This human-size drone, EHang 184, is made in China and has already flown in Dubai. Its manufacturer, Chinese drone company Ehang, showed off the 184 at this year’s CES in Las Vegas after 100 successful manned test flights. Hang 184 can carry a single passenger weighing less than 220 lbs. and has enough room for a small suitcase. It will be controlled through 4G mobile Internet and can travel over short distances at 62 miles per hour with a fully-charged battery.

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