Bentley on Demand: A New Concierge Service

Bentley on Demand for Mulsanne handover image

Bentley on Demand is an innovative new luxury connected-mobility service designed to provide customers with a tailored luxury mobility solution. The new service will be tested in Los Angeles, New York and Dallas throughout summer 2017.

Bentley on Demand has been created for the benefit of owners who wish to drive a Bentley while traveling, or who desire a different Bentley for special occasions. Whether it is a Bentayga for family adventures or a Mulsanne for luxurious weekends, Bentley on Demand offers the car to suit owner’s requirements, providing a bespoke, connected, door-to-door service of the highest quality.

An exclusive service for Bentley Network app members
Bentley on Demand is available to existing Bentley owners as a concierge service via the Bentley Network app. Owners can simply download the app from the App store, validate their account, and choose a suitable Bentley from the extensive luxury fleet available.

Following a confirmation, a courteous reminder of the reservation will be sent an hour before delivery, and the member will receive another message to inform them of the concierge’s arrival with the car. The service is designed to ensure seamless delivery of the car to a convenient location, and minimal disruption to the Bentley Network member.

As part of the service, upon delivery the concierge will explain and demonstrate the car’s features. When the reservation has ended, the same Bentley concierge will meet the customer at their preferred location to collect the car.

In addition to the luxury and high performance that every Bentley owners expects, Bentley on Demand offers its members a personalized, convenient and memorable experience.

An invitation to trial the latest Bentley luxury service
Bentley Network members are invited to experience Bentley on Demand via the exclusive Network app which can be downloaded from the App Store by clicking the link below.

*Note: the Bentley Network App is currently only available for iOS devices from the App Store.

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