Achieving Backyard Nirvana with PlanterSpeakers

planter speakers

Whether they’re cooking in outdoor kitchens, being entertained by outdoor home theaters, tending their gardens, sunning on their decks or swimming by the waterfalls filling their pools, Americans are spending more time living outdoors, and the industries supplying those pools, decks, grills, stone patios and garden equipment are rising to the challenge. Bigger umbrellas, free-form aquatic environments, custom pizza ovens and those oh-so-big outdoor video screens have become standard equipment for luxury backyards. But now, there’s a new upgrade available: high fidelity outdoor sound.

There’s actually nothing new about outdoor sound. From the advent of the transistor radio to the boom box to all-weather bracket speakers and speakers housed in fake rocks, people have been adding a soundtrack to their fun in the sun for decades. The sound quality wasn’t top notch, but still, one could samba under the stars, and that was after all, the most important thing. Live entertainment performed outdoors in amphitheaters goes back to ancient Greece, and the modern day music festival’s appeal comes in no small part from the communing of music and the elements.

But, as the charcoal grill morphed into the built-in stainless grill-master with smoker, six burners and a marble prep island, the interest in ever more fabulous outdoor furniture, putting greens, and bocce courts has grown. It’s not surprising then that soothing and sizzling outdoor sound might beckon as a next al fresco accoutrement. Enter PlanterSpeakers, which deliver an audiophile-quality sonic experience via architectural planters that feature state-of-the-art drainage. Their woofers and tweeters (and sometimes mid-range or crossover units) are sealed and weatherproof, and as they’re hidden in stately planters, invisible.

So, whether placed around the pool or at intervals in a garden, at the corners of a deck or patio, or installed as an element of an outdoor home theater, those homeowners interested in a premium backyard experience can now add true high fidelity sound to their outdoor environments.

Picture that long table under hanging vines, surrounded by family and friends; plates and bowls overflowing with a wonderful Italian meal, the Barolo flowing, and Andrea Bocelli providing that special sonic sauce; the kids gathered in front of the big screen in the moonlight watching the latest cartoon movie before bed, or, the mellifluous sounds of New Age music discreetly wafting through the garden as your guests stroll and fawn over your handcrafted flora and fauna. Who’s better than you?

PlanterSpeakers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, from no-maintenance AZEK and industrial grade poly resin to sustainably farmed teak and reclaimed wood. They’re built to operate in hot sun, live in rain, snow and cold, and, with proper installation can be controlled by a smart phone. This last benefit is perhaps the most revolutionary.

Thanks to the wifi that’s already present in so many homes today, and a Sonos transmitter and app, owners can control the volume of their PlanterSpeaker systems from a smartphone, and choose to play whatever music is stored on it with a flourish of a finger. Unless your cup runs dry, there’s need to leave the chaise.

However, as one gets what one pays for, and would expect, like the big umbrella and outdoor big screen, the finest in outdoor sound comes at a corresponding price. Depending on size and materials, PlanterSpeakers can be had for between $500 and $6,000 a pair. But really, what price backyard Nirvana?

And, although these beauties sound markedly better than any other speakers available for outdoor use, there are two levels of audio excellence available. Better, of course, costs more. Some are buying them for that “three-season” room or screen porch, or even living rooms, for that matter. Regardless, the best PlanterSpeakers installed outdoors will sound better than what all but the most ardent audio lovers have indoors. PlanterSpeakers are available from a variety of dealers around the country and dealer locations, a full telling of the of the PlanterSpeakers story, along with photos and detailed specifications, are available at

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