Polar Skiing in Antarctica with Aurora Expeditions

Aurora Expeditions new ship

Aurora Expeditions, leaders in intrepid polar voyaging, is expanding its portfolio of Antarctic adventures for the 2017/2018 season with the introduction of Antarctic Ski Touring and and Antarctic Snowshoeing expeditions across the pristine landscapes of the White Continent.

Fueled by a passion for thrilling new wilderness experiences, these unique skiing and snowshoeing experiences will take intrepid travelers to sights of unimaginable beauty in the most exhilarating way possible.

Antarctic ski touring will offer the experienced and the bold an incredible opportunity to ski near-virgin glacial slopes, traverse remote areas to iceberg-studded bays rarely seen by human eyes, gaze at penguin rookeries and breaching whales in hard to access locations, or even follow in Shackleton’s footsteps across South Georgia. Snow conditions are unpredictable whilst terrain varies from gentle slopes to crevassed glaciers and alpine bowls, often including areas where no man (or woman) has ever skied before. Traveling in small groups with highly experienced mountain ski guides, expeditioners will learn lifelong mountaineering and ski touring skills such as ice axe and crampon use, roped glacier travel, avalanche procedures and emergency shelter construction. Antarctic ski touring is undoubtedly challenging, but for those with appropriate experience, it’s also an adrenalin-pumping high for those with a lionhearted spirit of adventure.

A gentler option physically, but no less rewarding in terms of the experience or the awe-inspiring sights on offer is the ancient, practical and simple sport of snowshoeing. The most efficient way to travel across the snow, it’s straightforward to learn and far easier than walking in boots. After just half an hour’s training by Aurora Expedition’s expert guides some of the most pristine and uplifting scenery on the globe comes within easy reach. Expeditions to spectacular vantage points last for up to three hours, so a reasonable level of fitness is necessary and, as with ski touring, the aim is for 6 excursions or more per voyage, depending on weather and landing spots.

Aurora Expeditions have always been boundary-pushers, pioneering previously unheard-of activities including polar snorkeling and polar diving as recent additions alongside polar-kayaking, polar ice-camping, and even the polar plunge into icy waters. Their passion is for the out of the ordinary and for exploring the lesser known extremities of our planet, always sharing the wonders of it with small groups of like-minded people in the most imaginative, challenging and inspiring of ways.

To celebrate the launch of these two new activities, Aurora Expeditions have also released their brand new Active Antarctica guide, offering travelers a deeper insight into each of their activities on offer.

With this reputation, it’s no surprise that next on Aurora Expeditions’ radar is the launch of a state-of-the-art, purpose-built expedition ship ready for the 2019/20 Antarctic cruising season. This high performance 104 metre ship will keep the company’s intimate small group ethos and back to nature engagement with the environment at the fore whilst maximising comfort and safety in challenging cruising conditions. Patented X-Bow technology will allow the ship to pierce waves with greater stability, eliminating much of the vertical movement that passengers can find difficult, saving fuel and making for a much more comfortable voyage for all on board.

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