Le Richemond Geneva Offers Gem Bites and Diamond Cocktail

Le Richemond

Le Richemond, an iconic hotel in Geneva, and The House of Gübelin, known for its gemstone expertise, have created an exclusive partnership to offer guests an introduction to the colored gemstones of the Gübelin Academy. For one hour, guests will follow a Gübelin expert through a hands-on journey discovering the physical and spiritual characteristics of various gems, emeralds, rubies and sapphires. During the training, guests will enjoy a blue sapphire shot, a red ruby shot and a green emerald shot to enhance the experience.

Le Richemond will also offer guests the exclusive “Diamond Cocktail,” a glass of champagne with 3 mm of a brilliant cut stone. While most of the stones are cubic zirconia, some of the stones will be genuine diamonds, which some lucky guests will be able to take home. Attached to the glass will be a small green cord with a card that reads, “Let’s drink to a sparkling future. However, drink with care, for each glass contains a diamond. Or is it fake…?”

Each guest will be told about the nature of the experience when served the Diamond Cocktail to keep them from swallowing the diamond. As the evening progresses, a Gübelin expert will mingle through the crowd to check each small “stone” using his diamond loupe, which allows him to distinguish a diamond from a cubic zirconia.

For the occasion, Le Richemond designed the “Geneva Gem” package which includes:
– One hour experience with a Gübelin expert
– Exclusive Diamond Cocktail
– One night in a luxury lake view room (double occupancy)
– Breakfast for two
– In-room pastry amenity
From CHF 585.

Available all year upon request, the experience is also offered to companies for a group activity of up to ten people.

Gübelin Academy
Gübelin Academy

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