5 of the Best Exclusive Use Resorts in the World

Necker Island

When staying at the finest resort isn’t enough. The ultra luxury world of the highly bespoke Exclusive Use Resort is becoming increasingly popular among that gilded crowd who likes to experience things very much on their own terms and most of all doesn’t like sharing the experience with others. The Exclusive Use Resort really is ideal for an intimate celebration, family gathering or the celebrity couple seeking privacy but without giving up any of the amenities of the finest 5 star resort. Here are the best.

Necker Island, British Virgin Islands

Necker Island is the property that popularized the concept of the Exclusive Use Resort and continues to be the gold standard of the segment. Located in the dizzyingly beautiful British Virgin Island, it boasts jaw dropping views, long stretches of white sand beach and crystal clear Caribbean waters with an abundance of sea life. A pampering staff of 60 provide guests with endless water sports, spa treatments and fine dining. There’s even a DJ. Accommodation is in a series of beachfront villas where the mood is relaxed and the open air architecture captures the sea breezes. Necker Island’s too long to list roster of celebrity guests ranges from Kate Moss to the Obamas. Necker Island from $80,000 per night for up to 34 guests.

Ol Jogi, Kenya

Ol Jogi is an African fantasy. A 60,000 acre wildlife conservancy envisioned for just 14 guests. No competing with other tourists or safari vans, just you, the amazing wildlife and the remarkable landscape. Guests get to experience the many moods and eco systems of the property traveling by vehicle, on horseback or even by small plane or helicopter. Ol Jogi is a serious conservancy, probably the most important one in protecting the endangered black rhino and its a win win for guests, not only do they get to experience Ol Jogi but the money brought in by hosting guests goes entirely to support the conservation efforts. Like Necker Island, Ol Jogi is also a family’s private estate which explains the accommodation’s high level of refinement (they even have a French chef). Ol Jogi starts at $32,800 per night for 14 guests.

Four Seasons Voavah Private Island, Maldives

As you would expect, when the Four Seasons entered the Exclusive Use Resort arena it would be outstanding. Their Four Seasons Voavah Private Island Maldives is located on a tiny island within a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve guaranteeing outstanding diving and snorkeling with the added appeal that the waters around the island are home to a large population of manta rays. The highly equipped island comes not only with the latest in water sports equipment but also a 62ft luxury yacht. In the spirit of Four Seasons this is a high touch very customizable experience with superb cuisine. Accommodation is in a combination of villas and suites with seven primary bedrooms and three additional bedrooms for children. Voavah Private Island starts around $46,000 per night.

Las Rosadas Private, Mexico

With over 400 acres, Las Rosadas Private is much more that a beach experience with miles of professionally designed hiking and biking trails winding through its substantial eco reserve but the jewel of this Exclusive Use Resort is its 2,500 ft namesake beach along the calm turquoise waters of Chamela Bay. From this hedonistic beach with its living and dining pavilions plus spa cabana guests can paddle board, kayak or snorkel while a boat with captain can take them out in the bay for whale spotting, coastal fishing or elaborate picnics on one of the deserted offshore islands. Specializing in celebrations they can do an evening with Mariachi, DJ and fireworks. Accommodation is in a sprawling villa or a castaway’s dream beach bungalow. Las Rosadas Private is $11,000 per night for up to 14 guests.

Thanda Island, Tanzania

Thanda Island is another private family estate that doubles as an Exclusive Uses Resort. Set on a small island off the coast of Tanzania, Thanda Island is surrounded by its own marine sanctuary not surprising given that the owners are dedicated conservationists both on land and at sea. There is a wonderful tranquility at Thanda Island with its elegant beach house just steps from the calm protected waters. The stand-out feature is that the island is surrounded by an impressive series of coral reefs making the diving and snorkeling just about as good as it gets. Unique to the property are their swims with whale sharks, harmless gentle giants that can grow to 60 ft in length. The 5 bedroom house at Thanda Island accommodates 10 and starts at $10,000 per night

Article by Wayne Hudson

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