Islands, Bodyguards, and Mansions – How would you spend $1 Billion?


A new survey reveals the quirkiest ways that Americans would spend $1 BILLION dollars if they won the jackpot, and it’s safe to say some people had some crazy ideas!

Some of the craziest responses:

  • Use the money to disappear, go into hiding, or buy “at least 5 wooded acres with off-grid underground living in Washington or Oregon”…
  • Drink “all the piña coladas’”. All of them.
  • Buy the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Team

Some people have clear ambitions of what they would do were they to become a billionaire – others are completely unsure as to what they’d do with the money. However, what our survey revealed is that a few Americans are truly inventive with their spending ideals, and have some incredibly quirky ways in which they would use their billion-dollar jackpot.

Dream Big

While many respondents had similar ideas for what they’d do with the money for themselves – buying land, buying new cars, going on holidays – there were a few with some clear goals in mind.

  • 14% Would Buy an Island

25-34 year olds expressed the highest degree of interest in buying an island instead, with 17.4% making that their answer, compared to an overall overage of 14%. It was least popular among 18-24 year olds, of whom only 6.5% considered an ocean-encircled territory something they’d want.

  • 28% Would Buy a Mansion

In terms of indulgences, mansions were the most popular, with 28% of respondents saying it would be their preferred way to spend a big of excess money. This was true across all age groups, both genders, and all locations

Other Weird and Wonderful Ideas

Americans were nothing if not creative with their responses to the, and here are some of our top picks:

  • Invest in a trip around the world
  • Buy an island, a yacht and a self-driving car
  • Create a cat playground worthy of visitation
  • Hire a bodyguard
  • “Sit on my porch with a cold one and watch the sunset”
  • The ideas ranged from big scale to small, and there was a huge range of visions for these prospective billionaires.

The survey also revealed the top spending habits of the prospective billionaires broken down by age group – for example, Generation Z are the biggest investors by 8%.

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