The Petersen and Maserati Offer a Behind the Scenes Look at Italian Design

The Petersen and Maserati

The Petersen Automotive Museum has teamed with Maserati for an interactive new exhibit that will provide guests with an opportunity to examine how an elite Italian automobile is manufactured. Set to debut on Saturday, October 14, “Made in Italy” will detail the process of bringing the Maserati Levante luxury SUV to market—from concept to creation.

The exhibit will include five rooms, each representing a different stage in the production line: raw materials, bare body shell, drive train, trims and finishes, and the final product. By utilizing the interactive tools available in each room, museum visitors will find themselves immersed in a captivating educational experience. Cutaways located throughout the exhibit will offer mechanical details, and describe the undertaking of research, manufacturing, and logistics required to develop the vehicle.

Founded in 1914 in Bologna, Maserati is internationally acclaimed for designing and manufacturing sports and luxury cars that exude Italian style and signature agility.  The Petersen’s new “Made in Italy” exhibit will follow the success of the extremely popular “Design the Line” display in 2015, which featured the 2016 Quattroporte S Q4.

Named after the Mediterranean wind, the Levante is the Maserati of SUVs and marks the luxury sports car manufacturer’s entrée into the SUV sector. Available in North America since September 2016, the mid-size SUV has already surpassed segment standards with the usage of lightweight materials, 50:50 weight distribution, and the lowest center of gravity among competitors.

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