House of Bijan: The Most Expensive Store Opens in Las Vegas

Nicolas Bijan

The House of Bijan is the most exclusive and expensive men’s designer in the world and has sat at the heart of Rodeo Drive for the last 40 years. The appointment only boutique has suited the most powerful men in the world, from Forbes Billionaires and five sitting US Presidents to Prince Charles, Carlos Slim, The Shah of Iran, and even designers Giorgio Armani and Tom Ford.

After designer Bijan Pakzad passed away in 2011, his well-groomed 20-something son, Nicolas Bijan, inherited a fashion legacy that handcrafts the finest, most exquisite, one of a kind pieces in the world. Now he’s evolving the company – which currently spans men’s apparel, crocodile travel accessories, diamond encrusted watches, and Limited Edition car collaborations with Bugatti and Rolls Royce – for the next generation.

Next, Nicolas will open a second LA location at the new Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills before taking The House of Bijan overseas, with extravagant new locations in Japan and Europe. He’s even stepping into some very uncharted waters: accessories for women.

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