Martin Lawrence Galleries Offers New Acquisitions from Keith Haring

Keith Haring painting

“Art is something that liberates the soul, provokes the imagination and encourages people to go further.”-Keith Haring

Martin Lawrence Galleries (MLG), whose nine superb galleries offer collectors the work of 20th and 21st century masters, announced today that it will be proudly presenting newly acquired artworks from Keith Haring. These graphics clearly reflect the political and personal drives that influenced Haring’s unique contribution to the Graffiti and Neo-Pop movements of the 80s.

Keith Haring’s artwork reflected the happenings of New York City’s Street culture in the 1980s and his drawings are universally recognized as iconic. He is well known for his use of black and white and of vibrant colors along with simplified figures that are easily recognizable as his own. Haring’s lines formed glyphs that could be read like an urban, tribal language — images that often addressed the archetypal experiences of birth, death, sex and war.  In 1985, he joined the international anti-apartheid movement against the oppressive and racially based power of the South African government. Haring’s work on the subject included paintings, a set of lithographs and a poster.  In each, he visually expresses the dissonance of a small white minority physically and politically controlling a much larger black majority.  Freedom, not just artistic freedom for him as an artist, but physical, mental, spiritual freedom for all, was an idea he addressed over and over again in his artwork, and he expressed how strongly he felt about the nature of control over others by saying “Control is evil.” MLG is proud to have available for acquisition one of Haring’s three lithographs from the ‘Free South Africa’ lithograph series — an important and enriching work from the artist’s oeuvre.

In 1986, Keith opened the Pop Shop, a retail store in New York. The philosophy of the store was holistic and incorporated his basic ideas of wanting to incorporate [art] into every part of life. “less as an egotistical exercise and more natural somehow. I don’t know how to exactly explain it. Taking it off the pedestal. I’m giving it back to the people, I guess.”-Keith Haring

In 1988, Martin Lawrence Galleries published Haring’s Growing suite of screen-prints and the accompanying limited-edition catalog Keith Haring 1988, which chronicled his one-man exhibition in Los Angeles that year of paintings, drawings and prints. MLG is delighted to have for acquisition a complete suite of the five Growing screen-prints in unique, stunning trial-proof colorations, any of which will make a bright and vibrant display in a collector’s home.

Haring’s work resides in major private and public collections, including the Museum of Modern art and the Whitney Museum of American Art in NYC; Los Angeles County Museum of Art; The Art Institute of Chicago; the Bass Museum in Miami; Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris.

Martin Lawrence Galleries offers both painting and limited edition prints in each of its nine world class galleries across the country, including New York, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, New Orleans, San Francisco, Costa Mesa, La Jolla and Maui.

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Image Credit: Keith Haring, “Growing #1”, hand-signed trial-proof screeprint, 40.25 x 30 inches

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