Magellan Jets Brings Back the 10 Hour Jet Card for College Tours

Magellan Jets

In celebration of their 10th anniversary, Magellan Jets is bringing back their most popular 10-hour card for college tours. This is a very hectic time of the year for parents with children deciding on which college to attend, and it can be very challenging to truly experience everything the college atmosphere has to offer without seeing the campus in person.

As part of their solutions for life offering, Magellan Jets is giving parents the opportunity to be there every step of the way in the most important decision of their child’s life. Simply tell Magellan Jets the colleges your child would like to visit, and their flight support team will arrange an itinerary based on the schools, tour dates, pick-up and drop off services, and more.

Through a partnership with leading college admissions firm, Top-Tier Admissions, Magellan Jets will also have a college concierge onboard. They will assist with the process and be by your side to ask questions during the tours to help make the big decision.

Client Elizabeth B. of Milwaukee, WI says, “The whole trip was excellent. The crew was friendly and efficient. They had delicious snacks and festive and fun college gear from each of the two schools we looked at. It was really a dream trip. Thank you!!!”

Magellan Jets has made it more practical for parents who are short on time to be there for their child in the selection process.  Private jets offer access to more airports than commercial planes, and many of these airports are closer to our nation’s top-tier universities, enabling customers to visit more than one school per day

The College tour card starts at $57,000 and can vary depending locations and aircraft. To purchase a 10 Hour Jet Card for college tours, call 617-328-5387 or visit

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