Millennials Embrace Pre-Owned Luxury for Holidays from


The United States’ leading digital marketplace for luxury watches and fine jewelry,, anticipates that more young customers than ever will embrace the ease and convenience of e-commerce versus fighting crowds in brick-and-mortar stores on Black Friday and throughout the holiday season. Based on the site’s record growth trajectory since its founding in 2014, TrueFacet is poised to break all fourth quarter records, kicking off with significant tiered discounts for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and a dedicated Cartier and Rolex sale.

TrueFacet’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and 2018 Holiday Sales

With over 140,000 name brand, pre-owned watches and fine jewelry products to shop, from the likes of Cartier, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Tiffany & Co., FENDI watches, Bulgari, and David Yurman, TrueFacet  revolutionizes luxury holiday shopping online as consumers embrace the pre-owned category for gifts and holiday self-purchases. Over the holidays, TrueFacet shoppers will enjoy significant discounts on luxury goods that bring totals well-below retail value, over Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and beyond:

Black Friday


  • $75 off $1,000
  • $200 off $2,500
  • $400 off $4,500
  • $600 off $6,500

Cyber Monday


  • 10% off site-wide
  • $100 off $1,000
  • $300 off $3,000
  • $500 off $5,000

Rolex & Cartier Sale

  • $150 off $2,000
  • $350 off $4,500
  • $500 off $6,500

Catering to Millennial Expectations

With the prowess and insights of a data-driven tech company, TrueFacet caters to the millennial desire for authenticity, options, immersive experiences, and designer products with both a story to tell and name brand cache. Expert concierge service ensures that TrueFacet customers receive VIP service throughout their buying journey.

Customers can complete their holiday purchase with flexible financing options at point-of-sale, powered by Affirm, and overnight shipment ensures that purchases arrive well-in-time to go under the tree. Savvy shoppers can also creatively finance their purchases by trading in, trading up, consigning, and selling their old merchandise to TrueFacet for something new. All these enticing features, supported with lifestyle-oriented content, have helped TrueFacet carve out a niche and secure the loyalty of millennial customers, the site’s average customer is just 30 years old.

Product Shortages Create an All-Time Demand for Luxury Products

Millennial customers enjoy extensively researching a product before purchasing. Following extensive research, they are willing to invest only in the best product, carefully thinking through each purchase, and willing to put in the time to find something rare and coveted that not everyone else owns. This newfound appreciation of rare goods naturally leads them to the pre-owned market in search of hard-to-find products.

Additionally, at a time when demand for luxury products from Rolex, Patek Philippe, and other luxury watchmakers is at an all-time high, TrueFacet stands to benefit from these new product shortages as customers are willing than ever to embrace authenticated, refurbished luxury goods from TrueFacet.


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