5 Things You Should NEVER Say To Rich People

anna bey

In this video, Anna Bey, AKA JetSetBabe, shares how to stay classy and what one should NEVER say to rich people!

Avoid these topics:

1. Don’t ask “What do you do?” Instead ask “What industry are you in?”

2. Don’t say things to impress or pretend you’re on their level. Don’t brag, stay modest.

3. Don’t ask direct questions about their money or possessions.

4. Don’t talk about your money or possessions in a negative way.

5. Don’t say “Nice to meet you,” instead say “How do you do?”

Anna Bey offers luxury lifestyle coaching to women who want to enter the high-society. Her online finishing school “School of Affluence” has been creating headlines in media with titles like “Anna Bey teaches women how to bag a billionaire”.

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