TCS World Travel Announces New Customized Private Jet

TCS Customized Private Jet

Award-winning luxury tour operator TCS World Travel has unveiled plans for the launch of a brand new, custom Airbus A321LR to transport guests to life-list destinations around the world. The new TCS jet will take to the skies in 2021.

As pioneers in creating and developing private jet expeditions, TCS World Travel has continuously developed and advanced the category over the last 25 years. This new, state-of-the-art aircraft is the next step forward as the visionary company continues to innovate new ways to explore the world.


The interior design of the jet was created to evoke a calming oasis, based on guest feedback about what was most important to them while traveling. Research with past guests revealed that they came to view the jet as a home away from home between destinations, so the new jet was designed with comfort and relaxation in mind.

Guests aboard the new Airbus A321LR will experience an inviting space, with soothing design elements that elicit feelings of tranquility and serenity including organic wave patterns and natural elements throughout such as wood-effect floors, stone countertops, textured wall finishes and soft goods. Thoughtful, luxurious finishes elevate the interior of the cabin and include chrome detailing, custom-designed seatback stitching, pearlescent leather piping detail on the seats, leather-wrapped arm rests, ample storage areas and custom mood-lighting in warm hues. Subtle touches of globally-inspired elements are sprinkled throughout – from the geometric patterns on the cabin walls to the culturally-influenced blankets and pillows – to pay homage to the far-off destinations to which guests will travel.


TCS World Travel’s guests are accustomed to the best, and the Airbus A321LR goes above and beyond those expectations for each guest. With the largest cabin by height and width of any single-aisle aircraft, the new jet will provide guests 6 feet 5 inches of personal space in the 52-seat configuration as they recline in custom leather flat-bed seats crafted in Italy. Extra-large lavatories with full-length mirrors add to the home-like feel of the aircraft. Two galleys on the plane will allow the best-in-class flight crew to more efficiently serve guests. In addition, a dedicated space for a self-serve minibar is available for guests wishing to grab a quick snack or enjoy a drink like they could in their home kitchens. Global WiFi where available, in-flight entertainment and an onboard lecture system give guests a variety of options for relaxation and enrichment.


With state-of-the-art NEO engines and wingtip-mounted Sharklets, the new aircraft burns 20% less fuel than the current Boeing 757, decreasing the company’s future carbon footprint, which TCS will continue to counterbalance via highly-vetted carbon offset purchases. The new plane’s extended range of eight to nine hours (approximately 4,000 miles) also allows flexibility to cover large distances without refueling, making it possible to minimize travel time between destinations. In addition, the A321LR is nimble enough to land in smaller, more remote airports, allowing TCS to take guests to new and noteworthy destinations around the world.


Featuring 18 staff and crew, including a physician who travels with the group, TCS ensures that guests aboard the new jet will continually receive the top-tier service that they have come to expect from the industry-leading luxury tour operator.

The plane will be launching in 2021. For more information on TCS World Travel, please visit

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