Private Jet President Offers Executive Men’s Packing Tips

private jets packing tips

For the busy executive, the uncertainty while flying on a commercial airline can cause massive problems in the business world. Showing up late to important meetings with top-tier CEOs and arriving unprepared because of flight delays simply can not happen. The way you look at a business meeting can severely alter the way prospective business partners view you and commercial airline failures are no excuse for looking disheveled.

Anthony Tivnan, President at Magellan Jets, hops on a plane weekly with his Tom Ford tie, custom-made Italian suit, and cufflinks in hand ready to take on the corporate world. Anthony always dresses to the nines when embarking on business trips throughout the United States. He’s not only a businessman himself but deals with America’s wealthiest individuals, so packing for corporate travel is not something he takes lightly.

Here are Anthony’s top five travel tips for men:

Always pack a power tie
When you pick the right tie, it pulls a suit together and you always want to have a great accent piece.

Carry a pair of cufflinks in your carry-on
It takes a while to find great cufflinks and you can’t buy them just anywhere. If bought on the fly, they’re not going to be a part of your whole outfit ensemble. It needs to look like your business attire is part of a collection, where everything goes together seamlessly.

Make sure you have a full suit with you at all times
To lessen the risk of being unprepared for a meeting, make sure you always carry a suit with you. This way if you lose your luggage you’ll still look appropriate for a meeting.

Be aware of who you’re dressing for
Pack a suit based on what type of business people you’re meeting with. If you’re seeing someone in the financial sector keep colors to blues, reds, and grays. If you’re meeting with someone more on the athlete/celebrity spectrum, it’s okay to be more daring with color choices because athletes and celebrities tend to be more daring.

If you can, choose to fly privately
Wrinkled suits and dress shirts from a suitcase are annoying to any business traveler. On a private jet, you can hang up your most important clothing and change while you’re up in the air, avoiding the dreaded ironing board and steamer!

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