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The Home Ranch

Of the hundreds of ranches that host vacationing adults and families, only four made the cut for inclusion in the first edition of “Ultra Ranch Vacations,” according to Gene Kilgore, the world’s leading authority on ranch vacations.

Gene Kilgore is the authority behind two dedicated websites, and that focus on what truly is one of America’s most iconic homegrown experiences – the dude ranch vacation. Ultra Ranch Vacations is now a new and compelling element of the go-to that is in its 9th year.

To relay the stories of these super-charged ranches, one in Wyoming and three in Montana, that deliver money-is-no-object experiences, Kilgore has stepped into the stratosphere with a newly expanded version of the website: introduces the best-of-the-best in accommodation, cuisine, service and a host of ranch adventures.

“The growing and evergreen population of the ultra-wealthy — and their exclusive travel planners — need information about how and where to enjoy vacations that provide exclusivity on all levels,” says Kilgore. “A quietly expanding community of ultra ranches are fitted out to serve this clientele. The first properties in our brand-new category, Ultra Ranch Vacations, are akin to the high-elevation suites that Singapore Airlines now provides its wealthiest customers.” Other ranches will join this high-flying category of Ultra Ranch Vacations when they meet the Gene Kilgore litmus test.

Being all inclusive helps, although one of the pioneer properties in this category is a la carte. As with all of the finest properties and services available today, Ultra Ranch Vacations are all about the details.

“There’s no wiggle room for slippage when guests are paying well over $1,000 a night,” he notes.

On the list of 2018 Ultra Ranch Vacations are Wyoming’s The Lodge and Spa at Brush Creek Ranch; and Montana’s The Ranch at Rock Creek, The Resort at Paws Up and Triple Creek Ranch.

“These ranches are recipients of some of the most prestigious national awards in the hospitality industry,” noted Kilgore. “They go up against the finest resorts and hotels in the world to achieve their accolades. Our website is now able to reflect the reality that a ranch vacation can be second to none when it comes to pampering and luxury.”

He said that the vacation ranch community is critiqued by his team on an on-going basis for opportunities to expand the initial “ultra” list.

Founded in 2011, focuses on where to locate and then what to expect when it comes to the world’s top dude, guest, working and luxury ranch vacations in the United States and Canada as well as Argentina, Mexico and New Zealand.  Here in the US guests may opt to horseback ride through the stunning Tetons and relish after-ride massages; or in Colorado they can mix up horses with fly fishing for trout, trap shoot, swim and send the kiddies to a children’s program. They can assist with cattle drives and branding activities; and they can opt to just be pampered in world-class scenery. Some operations are large, offering accommodation and activities for up to 225 guests; others are small, providing hospitality to just six guests at a time. The website explains when the ranches are hosting guests, miles to the nearest airport, and the style of pampering that people can expect.

Photo: The Home Ranch, Colorado

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