Hotel Arts Barcelona Launches Red Wine Label with Exclusive Vineyard Visits

Hotel Arts Barcelona wine

With notes of sandalwood with ginger and red fruits, the new K22 Bonesvalls red wine has been produced by 70-year-old goblet pruned vines followed by 24 months of aging in French Tronçais oak. A unique relationship between Alemany & Corrio with Enoteca Paco Pérez, Hotel Arts Barcelona encourages guests to visit the local winery and learn about the method, craft and heritage of the winery and how the wines obtain high quality with no artificial elements. Guests are guided through the fermentation and wine bottling process finished with chosen pairings which will include the new red wine.

Situated within the heart of Hotel Arts Barcelona, diners will be able to select K22 Bonesvalls’ new red wine to be paired with the dishes in the fine-dining establishment, Enoteca Paco Pérez. With a rich fruity finish to be savoured, recommended dishes to pair this red wine with include decadent Wagu beef as well as a selection of the outstanding rice dishes.

Famous for their exquisite cuisine with an emphasis on fish and seafood; Catalan Chef Paco Pérez, Enoteca Paco Pérez encapsulates the finest produce from across the Mediterranean. Last year, the renowned Michelin starred restaurant introduced the bespokeand all-natural Chardonnay from the K22 Bonesvalls winery. With a medium intensity and reflecting gold tones, this fresh and fruity wine can still be enjoyed in the restaurant and holds notes of honey and green apple and encompasses Enoteca’s three pillars of Mediterranean cuisine: olive oil, wheat and wine.

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