Brush Like a Mogul with Apriori Luxury Toothbrushes

Apriori luxury toothbrushes

Bringing the extraordinary to the everyday, Apriori are the creators of exceptional toothbrushes designed to look, feel and perform at the highest standards. Using materials and processes more commonly used in the watch industry to create high quality timepieces, and painstakingly assembled, engraved and hand-finished in the UK by a small team of artisans from the jewelry industry, Apriori has created two innovative collections of toothbrushes.

The Apriori Ceramic Edition toothbrushes are made from the finest ceramic materials, with high-gloss finishes and gold or silver features. The range is available in White/Gold (£990), White/Silver (£990), Black/Gold (£1090) and Black/Silver (£1090).

For a sportier feel, the Apriori Carbon Edition range is sleek and lightweight. The ultramodern design uses forged carbon fibre exclusively made in Italy, taking inspiration from the automotive and sports industries. Due to the unique nature of the material, no two toothbrushes are identical.  The Apriori Carbon is available in Gold and Silver editions  (both £790).

All toothbrushes come with their own elegantly designed travel case, a toothbrush holder, and two spare heads, one medium, and one soft. Made of the same materials as the toothbrush handle, the holder is the perfect accessory, with an anti-slip rubber base to ensure it stays in place.  And if you’re traveling, the unified aesthetic of Apriori products comes into its own – an exceptionally designed travel case enables the customer to take their Apriori product with them wherever they are in the world.

Each toothbrush carries a one-year warranty covering all manufacturing defects.

Apriori toothbrushes are available to buy via

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