A West Coast Safari via Private Jet

Big Sur aerial

Premier private aviation company Latitude 33 is taking summer travel to sky-high levels, about 30,000 feet up, expanding bucket lists across the globe with its brand new, fully immersive West Coast Safari.

This unrivaled private jet excursion explores the best of the West Coast in the most elite, exploratory way. Beginning and ending in the Golden State, the fully customizable journey is an opportunity of a lifetime to enjoy exquisite landscapes and the celebrated bounties of North America’s westernmost region by way of a luxurious, private aircraft. Up to nine passengers will be escorted through a diverse route of quintessential West Coast destinations including California’s finest (San Diego, Santa Barbara, Big Sur, Napa Valley), Jackson Hole, British Colombia, and Los Cabos Mexico with additional stops to Hawaii available in 2020.

Each stop offers another opportunity to explore the native landscape with essential experiences unique to their destination, allowing a full, authentic immersion into the region. Inspired by Latitude 33’s founders, two adventurous pilots with an appreciation for the great outdoors and off-the-beaten-path locales, unforgettable excursions such as fly-fishing on the Snake River, taking a float plane to a remote hot spring, bear watching by boat and swimming alongside Whale Sharks emphasize journey’s main focus – exploration. From a relaxing, scenic drive up CA’s iconic Highway 1 culminating with hilltop gourmet picnic in Big Sur to sipping Napa’s premium varietals in a vineyard setting or sailing through the American Riviera, every day is a new adventure. Passengers have the option to fully customize or expand their journey with additional or alternative stops. Fully catered in-flight service, elite accommodations and coveted sights and experiences are all part of the multi-destination Safari. Onboard, a hand-curated selection of travel amenities ensures complete comfort for the duration of the journey.

Pricing starts at $150,000* for four passengers on a Bombardier Challenger 350 for the recommended, yet far from standard, 16-day itinerary.

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