Discover the Rich History of World-famous Casino de Monte Carlo

Casino de Monte Carlo

Arguably Monaco’s most iconic building, the legendary Casino de Monte Carlo is a symbol of Monaco’s opulence and vibrant history.

Filled with marble, gold, stunning stained-glass windows, sculptures and allegorical paintings, the Casino de Monte Carlo has established itself as an integral part of Monaco’s past and present and is a symbol of the success of the Principality.

While the building is known world-wide for its casino, it also includes the Opera Garnier Monte-Carlo hosting Monte-Carlo JAZZ FESTIVAL, Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo and of course the Lyrical season of the Opera.

Here’s everything you need to know about this stunning Monaco landmark.

Casino de Monte Carlo

A history of the Casino de Monte Carlo

The land on which the Casino de Monte Carlo stands was once used for growing citrus trees. The idea for the Casino came to fruition in the middle of the 19th century, during the reign of Prince Charles III. The Prince brought Francois Blanc to Monaco – a man who had successfully run casinos throughout Europe – to establish a casino in The Principality. He founded a company called Société des Bains de Mer et du Cercle des Etrangers – a company that still manages the casino and a variety of other notable places in Monaco today.

The Casino de Monte Carlo is regarded as one of the finest examples of Belle Epoque – or Beautiful Era – architecture. Belle Epoque was the dominant architectural style in France from the 1870s through to the early 20th century. This architectural style often borrowed elements of other historical styles creating classical facades which hid luxurious modern interiors filled with lavish decor.

The Casino de Monte Carlo boasts a large number of iconic rooms, including the Salle Europe or Salle Blanche and the Salle Médecin. Film fans will also recognise this room as it was featured in the James Bond film Golden Eye.

Casino de Monte Carlo

The most prestigious address in the world

The Casino de Monte Carlo sits in Casino Square in the heart of Monaco, one of the most prestigious areas for property for sale in Monte Carlo. Indeed, the Casino Square Gardens recently underwent renovation, transforming this stunning space back into one of tranquility and opulence. For residents in this ‘quartier’ of Monaco, there are amenities galore – from the recently inaugurated One Monte Carlo shopping and residential district, to popular restaurants with residents.

For the true Monaco experience, Monte Carlo is the go-to destination.

Article by Joanna Lewis

Photo credit: Courtesy of Société des Bains de Mer (SBM)

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