Boom May Bring Back Supersonic Jet Travel

Boom supersonic

Many companies are working on bringing back supersonic flights, but one of them named Boom also wants to make low fares part of the deal. Well, relatively low. When the Concorde was up and running, a ticket could run upwards of $20,000. Boom, which is based in Colorado, would like to see round trip journeys happen for closer to $5,000. The company’s plan has attracted a great deal of attention, including that of Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Group, who just optioned 10 of the proposed supersonic jets. At present, plans for the aircraft have it travelling from San Francisco to Tokyo in 4 ½ hours and New York to London, in 3 ½ hours. Those amazing times are based on the plane flying at more than double the speed of sound. Such a feat actually being accomplished is still a way off, as even prototype crafts won’t be ready until late in 2017.

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